Who should consider CHSD

Any young follower of Jesus between the ages of 17 and 29 who is looking to take a year of their life, retreat from “life as usual”, and devote themselves to the study of the Scriptures, the practice of Spiritual disciplines, and the spiritual development of a disciple called to make disciples.



·     Thanksgiving Break (Nov 25th– Nov 30th, 2019)

·     Christmas Break (Dec 16th, 2019 – Jan 13th, 2020)

These breaks are reserved for spending time with family and friends and refreshing yourself in the Lord.

Special Events

like retreats, conferences, mission trips, and outreaches will happen throughout the program on days to be announced. Students must remain flexible and available throughout the program as these dates are subject to change. 

  • All classes and service involvement will be held at Calvary Chapel Houston in Friendswood, Texas


We believe that discipleship is at its highest form when it takes place in the home. Therefore, throughout the course of the program, students will live together in discipleship housing, separated by gender, under the leadership of a host family or Resident Assistant. 

Upon acceptance to the program, a student will be provided further specific details concerning discipleship housing.

Discipleship housing will be located in close proximity to the church and community (a bike-ride away). Discipleship homes’ exact locations are subject to change based on need and availability.

*Each student and house leader will be asked to sign a housing agreement that will contain a list of expectations for both the student and the RA or Host Family.

*Each student and house leader will undergo a background check for the safety and protection of all parties involved.


·   Move in – Aug 16th, 2019

·   Move out – May 12th, 2020


Cost: $450.00 USD/Monthly

(10 month payment plan)


*Tuition does not include our Spring mission trip. (Each student will be required to raise support for this trip)

*CHSD payment plan: First payment will be due on Aug 15th. Following payments will be due on the first of every month. (Sept - May)

*Students have the option to pay in full (by Aug 15th) to receive a discounted rate.

Cost includes

·     All classes

·     All books and necessary materials 

·     All trips (excluding the Spring mission trip) 

·     Room and Board (discipleship housing)

·     Basic food items provided in discipleship housing

Cost does NOT include

·     Non-essential food items

·     Toiletries and non-essential amenities 

·     Spring mission trip


·     Tuition may either be paid upfront (by Aug 15th) or in monthly installments using our CHSD payment plan.

·     Tuition must be paid by check or cashier’s check. (checks may be made payable to Calvary Houston)

·     For students in need of financial assistance, we encourage you to utilize our CHSD support letters in order to raise funds in preparation for attending the program.

·     Throughout the course of the program students will be provided opportunities to raise support for the Spring Mission Trip.




Q. What differentiates the Calvary Houston School of Discipleship from a Bible College or Seminary?

            A. In addition to providing theological and doctrinal courses for the development of a biblical education, we also place a great emphasis on developing our students by way of interpersonal discipleship and practical application for the purpose of spiritual transformation. 


Q. “What does the enrollment process look like for a prospective student?”

            A. The process is simple! It begins with an interest and request for an application. A prospective student must complete the application and submit it to us. This will be followed by an interview with the Director and/or Dean of Students, and a notice of acceptance or denial. 


            Q. “What would disqualify a student from acceptance or continuance in the program?”

            A. Any current lack of adherence to our core beliefs and values, or any lifestyles that would negatively reflect the school or Calvary Houston would cause a student to be disqualified from the program whether during the admission process or during the course of the program. We believe in an above reproach way of living for every student.

Q. “What if I just want to attend one of the quarters or only a portion of the program?”

            A. Our nine-month program is designed to be a start to finish journey of spiritual growth and development. Thus, we are only enrolling students who are willing to commit themselves to the full length of the program.


            Q. “What is the spiritual requirement of a student?”

            A. A student doesn’t require any number of years of Christian experience or ministerial accolades. A student must only be a willing servant, humbly desiring spiritual growth and transformation, and a willingness to comply with the structure, vision, and authority of the school.


            Q. “Is the Calvary Houston School of Discipleship an accredited program?”

            A. No, we are not affiliated with any accredited institution. 


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