Cost: $450.00 USD/Monthly

(10 month payment plan)


*Tuition does not include our Spring mission trip. (Each student will be required to raise support for this trip)

*CHSD payment plan: First payment will be due on Aug 15th. Following payments will be due on the first of every month. (Sept - May)

*Students have the option to pay in full (by Aug 15th) to receive a discounted rate.

Cost includes

·     All classes

·     All books and necessary materials 

·     All trips (excluding the Spring mission trip) 

·     Room and Board (discipleship housing)

·     Basic food items provided in discipleship housing

Cost does NOT include

·     Non-essential food items

·     Toiletries and non-essential amenities 

·     Spring mission trip


·     Tuition may either be paid upfront (by Aug 15th) or in monthly installments using our CHSD payment plan.

·     Tuition must be paid by check or cashier’s check. (checks may be made payable to Calvary Houston)

·     For students in need of financial assistance, we encourage you to utilize our CHSD support letters in order to raise funds in preparation for attending the program.

·     Throughout the course of the program students will be provided opportunities to raise support for the Spring Mission Trip.